understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Then the feeling I had the other day – out here by the river – that there was a deposit of gold someplace around here, is correct?

Saint Germain:    Fabulous! The vein at this point was fabulous; but you see – please note how very wise the Great Ones governing Nature are, to see that those veins are covered again before coming into the hands of mankind.

Question:    Doesn’t the placing of that amount of gold also partly account for the feeling of Purity in this Valley?

Saint Germain:    Exactly. I was going to say that is why you feel the great Purity and Charge in the atmosphere here, and why human qualities brought in have practically no effect upon the atmosphere of this place – and will not, because of the Radiance coming forth from that which has been opened up.  Even what has covered it since, does not hold within it the Radiance that goes forth; for once that has been opened to the outer atmosphere, the filling in or covering over is not of sufficient density – like the solid rock that covered it before – to hold in the Radiance that comes through.

Question:    Is it desirable that that should ever be made available to mankind, or rather would it be more useful within the Earth as a purifying agent?

Saint Germain:    There are places where the mother lode comes so much nearer the surface, so much easier of access, that if it is wisdom to tap it, I think other places would be used rather than this. But according to the harmonization of the mass of mankind, and were it possible to harmonize mankind quickly – which it is, if they would give enough attention to the “Presence” – then at a time not far off, there would be a great deal released, but not until an Ascended Master is placed over the government.

This would have to be governed by the Ruler of America, or that which could control it; for it would be a good while before there would not be some who had not progressed, where it would be dangerous to let it be known.

I mean from that, the Inner scientific inventions would come forth, making it absolutely impossible for mankind to deceive each other. The Inner motive of all will be known. Then they will see that there is no opportunity to excuse deceit; therefore, it will disappear.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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