isis unveiled: xi (magical history)

“Herodotus was regarded as a lunatic for speaking of a people who he was told slept during a night which lasted six months. If we explain the word “slept” by an easy misunderstanding it will be more than easy to account for the rest as an illusion to the night of the Polar Regions.

Pliny has an abundance of facts in his work, which until very recently, were rejected as fables. Among others, he mentions a race of small animals, the males of which suckle their young ones. This assertion afforded much merriment among our savants.

In his Report of the Geological Survey of the Territories, for 1872, Mr. C.H. Merriam describes a rare and wonderful species of rabbit (Lepus Bairdi) inhabiting the pine-regions about the head-waters of the Wind and Yellowstone Rivers, in Wyoming.  Mr. Merriam secured five specimens of this animal, “which…are the first individuals of the species that have been brought before the scientific world.

One very curious fact is that all the males have teats, and take part in suckling their young! …Adult males had large teats full of milk, and the hair around the nipple of one was wet, and stuck to it, showing that, when taken, he had been engaged in nursing his young.”

In the Carthaginian account of the early voyages of Hanno, was found a long description of “savage people…whose bodies were hairy and whom the interpreters called gorillae”; ανθροπον αγριον as the text reads, clearly implying thereby that the wild men were monkeys. Until our present century, the statement was considered an idle story, and Dodwell rejected altogether the authenticity of the manuscript and its contents.

The celebrated Atlantis is attributed by the last modern commentator and translator of Plato’s works to one of Plato’s “noble lies.” Even the frank admission of the philosopher, in the Timaeus, that “they say, that in their prime…the inhabitants of this island (Poseidon) preserved a tradition handed down by their ancestors concerning the existence of the Atlantic island of a prodigious magnitude…etc.”, does not save the great teacher from the imputation of falsehood, by the “infallible modern school.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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