understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, your listeners to the transcriptions and the radio, I think We could safely approximate, are only one-tenth of those who actually hear it because they spread it to the first individual, and that one expresses it to two or three more; and it will easily average ten to every one who listens to the radio. When you stop to realize, it is a stupendous thing!

And don’t you see, when they are listening, they are quiet; they are not interfered with by anybody around them. Therefore they are more susceptible to the acceptance of it.

That is why I have said a few things Myself; but where you keep it from being controversial in any way, or giving any attention to what anybody might have said, you are fulfilling the Law in the fact that they are harmonious; and if you don’t say something that startles them, they are more receptive.

So you see, the need of wholly constructive activity is necessary. That is why in the Class Work – just leave it to Me; and if necessary, I will cause to be said whatever is necessary.

But I feel sure We can hold wholly to the constructive activity now with such a power it will be a delight to everybody concerned, because We have a momentum now with the Students giving these Decrees.

Remember why I impelled the Messenger to be almost drastic – because they had not gained the momentum of the Decrees to go forth in the mental and feeling world.

Do you realize the Power of that going forth now from – I should say actually that there are three hundred thousand Students that are giving these daily Decrees. Well, it is an enormous thing when you start the dynamic Energy that is released. That is gaining, of course, every day. Then you can understand how this is steadily and surely becoming the Governing Power with these people who contact individual to individual.

That is why Wisdom demanded that, in the coming forth of the Messengers, it had to be built on a firm foundation – therefore could not be done by advertising. This today has become the very Call to Life, the greatest advertising in the world if you look at it from that standpoint.

Yet, this is not a form of advertising, but it is a form of reality which is the action of Life, of Light.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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