understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This has been a great joy. I want you to know it. My Heart rejoices extremely, for again much has been done today. Go forth in the happiness that belongs to you. Don’t let human beings or qualities or conditions deprive you of that great happiness. Oh just go forth so happy and free, and just release that great joy and kindliness everywhere.

Now when I say that, don’t think that I mean you need not be alert. Be so alert to the treachery and conditions about you that you don’t lose that alertness in your joy and happiness.

Mrs. Ballard:   Thank You for blessing “Your” own Home again with your Presence.

Saint Germain:   I do bless everyone here with all the Love of My Heart. Beloved Nada and many of the Great Ones join Me.

Mrs. Ballard:   Will you charge into this Home another supply of Your Power to last us until You come again?

Saint Germain:   Yes. It is Inexhaustible. You cannot be deprived of It in Its Limitless Supply; and with your adoration, great love to Us, and harmony maintained within your feelings, there is nothing required in the outer world that cannot be done.

We are just as interested in your progress and your happiness and achievement as if – in fact, far more than if We were in physical embodiment here, because We see the Goal of mankind. We see your Goal of Freedom and We can well afford to be patient. You can well afford to be patient; and if something trips you up and throws you down, climb up and with greater determination go on.

But because you slip once in a while, don’t let it discourage you. Don’t condemn yourself; but with greater joyous determination than ever, climb up and go on.

Never, never, Dear Ones, in thousands of years – while there is still acting the two extremes of conditions, yet never in thousands of years has there been such magnificent opportunity as is before you today in this great, tremendous Service.

I must go, and I thank you with all My Heart for your love and kindness. May the full Powers of your “Mighty I AM Presence” take command of you and your world, and Its Mighty Activity spread forth such a Power of Its Radiance and Happiness through you, that no one single thing will ever mar the harmony of your feeing world.

That allows the full Power of your “Presence” to flow forth, produce Its Perfection, and hold Its Dominion in every single requirement with the power and speed of lightning.

Remember that you have Authority and Power in the use of the Cross of Blue Flame that is greater, issued in one of your Decrees, than all the physical activities of mankind put together. It cannot fail ever to produce the results you require, but It is the greatest Blessing against vicious individuals that can possibly be used.

All Our Love and Blessings enfold you always to your great happiness, perfection, supply of money, and all else you require for your great Service in the Light.

I thank you and bless you forever.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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