understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have been going along quite easily, but in the Class radio work, the transcriptions, people are becoming interested. You have no idea – one person hears a transcription; they tell perhaps not less than five and often ten people. Then those individuals call the attention to two, three, maybe ten more. Do you not see how there is always infinite expansion. The transcriptions, the radio work in the Classes – why, thousands of people listen to those Class broadcasts. I mean by that, people who do not contact this Work.

Therefore I say to you, as the momentum gains a little more, you will find these people will come in with an acceptance, a readiness that will make an absolute demand for larger places.

The Great Law has seen fit to provide the great financial supply here that has made it possible for other parts of the Country to have this Work, which could not have had It without the supply released here.

And not only that, but those from the West Coast have gone with the Messengers and have given great assistance with that supply in other places. I have been watching this very carefully, and it has been a very marvelous thing. The people of Los Angeles, I tell you Dear People, have rendered tremendous service because of the assistance that has been given.

The Great Cosmic Light is the Governing Power of the Universe; and when the Life Streams of individuals come to a point of action wherein the Cosmic Light may act, and especially at the Call now of individuals, It expands so powerfully and so rapidly that there are thousands of people you never dreamed of today that have heard these radio talks and broadcasts, who are making their Calls to the best of their ability, silently.

Shall I tell you what it is mathematically? Over sixty thousand people since the beginning of the New York Class who have not contacted this Work in any way except through the radio, are making the Calls since you left New York. That, of course, is a tremendous thing, and only a small part of what will be. They are making the Call through having heard these broadcasts.

You see, these transcriptions are going almost everywhere now, and they are reaching a balancing activity throughout the United States. That is the thing that We have been after.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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