understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As We have watched the activity from within individuals, it seems almost incredible that such Power and Speed of Action could have taken place since the beginning of the Shrine Class. Now, for your individual blessing and benefit, I want you to see that momentum (after the almost tragic conditions that occurred in the last Shrine Class), because there arose a determination in almost everyone that that thing would not occur again. You see it did not.

That determination released the Power and Energy that gained that momentum, so that when the Shrine Class opened, it was just exactly on a definite scale of action as was David Lloyd’s experience of the pent-up energy through his experience of those years, when suddenly he found himself in the midst of its fulfillment.

Just so with your individual life and the whole Nation.

As enough of mankind begin to give attention to the requirements of the Freedom and Divine Justice, and as Defenders in the Protection of America, then as some Manifestation will come the Release from the vast number of mankind, that will rush forward into the government and conditions and compel the Activity of Ascended Master Friends.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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