understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How very beautiful it is, Beloved Ones, to see the happiness released from the feeling world, and to see the difference between today and a few months ago, when the activity released was more from the intellectual than from the feeling world.

Since the first time that I called the attention, or your attention was called to having your feelings follow your direction, your Call, it has performed a very wonderful Service for each one. Today your feeling is arising, which means that We can intensify the activity as it goes forth harmoniously to render for you a Service that We have waited to render.

I wish you would all take particular notice of this, because in your feeling, as you know, is your powerhouse; and when your feeling gives complete obedience to the Requirements, then We are able to enter into definite Action that will bring such definite Results that you see the Law of Life is acting literally, mathematically; for having come forth from Life, then Life must be mathematical in its precision, in its directing activity.

Two of the mightiest actions are being expanded and sustained, and I mean by the use of constructive activity sustained, of course. We were able to keep from the destructive forces the power or the energy of what it was until more than half of the war entity had been consumed; and when they saw that this was being dissolved from the Earth, I would not attempt to use words to describe to you all that took place.

Never in the history of the Earth did such violence ever take place as was within the destructive forces when they saw that, because that was what they were depending on to sustain the destructive forces to destroy mankind.

All destructive forces know well enough that when We appear, they are helpless. They have always refrained from showing viciousness toward Us, but they could not stand it longer; and when they saw that war entity just being eaten up by the Power of the Blue Flame, their terror and viciousness knew no bounds.

That accounts for some of the things that are reaching the outer action, although We are very careful that all but just fragments are prevented reaching into the outer activity, for which We are extremely grateful. These individuals who are so insane – it is because they have been touched by that current of viciousness from those destructive forces.

However, don’t give any such appearance power.”

Beloved Saint Germain


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