understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Is there some Call we could give which we have not yet given?

Saint Germain:   No. You are doing alright; and rather than change your Mighty Decrees into another form – you see, We are building a form, and that is why I would not change it, unless I should find it necessary to direct you.

I would hold the Decrees exactly the same, as much as possible; then you build power and momentum in that specific thing. And the Decrees contain now sufficient energy, so far as giving Us authority from the human octave is concerned.

If once you saw and knew – for instance, you take in the Group Work: They have held month after month to the exact wording of the Decrees, and you have no words that can describe the momentum and power that is building up. That goes forth in the mental and feeling world and stands there ready for action.

Question:   As more gather and by their attention add their assistance, then that will in an emergency rush forward?

Saint Germain:   Yes. The Cosmic Light will utilize it in releasing Its Power to render the Service to the Earth. Aside from what individuals will receive from this accumulation, the need today of the Cosmic Light is bringing Its Action into the Earth – for instance, as the Goddess of Liberty said, “that Light as of a Thousand Suns.”

That means a certain accumulated energy and force accumulated by mankind will be expanded and amplified by the Cosmic Light.

Question:   This does not encompass our individual work, does it?

Saint Germain:   Oh yes, the Cosmic Light takes up that momentum and renders Its Service. That is wholly – I would not say “individual”, yet it is, in one way; then all the other activity will take place. But I cannot impress too strongly upon your conscious feeling, the absolute necessity of these Calls, the specific Decrees for definite things which you have been following very remarkably.

For instance, concerning transportation, concerning communication, concerning industry, concerning the spy activity, agitation, and all that kind of thing – you have been covering it very beautifully; but the thing is in gaining greater momentum of that, rather than changing the Pattern of the Decree.

David Lloyd’s Experience, to Me, is the greatest proof so far in the outer world of what a gained momentum is and means to the individual, groups, or mass. Now you will see how his momentum, power, and energy gained, because the human part of the Messenger all receded out of the way. Now there was nothing wrong about that, just the conquering Presence of the Light.

As the momentum by the Mighty Decrees goes forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind for the Freedom and Protection of America, don’t you see – at a certain point in the Amplification of the Cosmic Light, that will release, go forward and do Its identical Work for the Nation. It is a definite, powerful thing. I know you do not quite comprehend what that means yet; but as you contemplate it, you will have the full clearness of it.

But I tell you, a gained momentum in the Acknowledgment of the “Presence” is one of the mightiest things, individually and otherwise, because, you see, everything that is accomplished in the outer world must have energy; it must have the Power of the Directing Intelligence of the “Presence”.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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