understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:   I feel we are entering into a new cycle.  All that has been used – we must bring forth new Music for the new cycle.

Saint Germain:   Quite correct. This is the point. You are going to get Me started and stay overtime, I believe. This is just like everything else that has failed in the outer world. Unless somebody cuts loose from all conventions of music and lets the Inner flow forth, well, it keeps delaying the Beauty, Perfection, Healing, and Blessing that could come forth to mankind.

Suppose you take yourselves here, being the Heart Center. Suppose you keep trying to use – not that it has not been perfectly all right to date, but suppose you keep trying to use the old music, and the others keeps trying to pour forth.

The very attention upon the outer causes a congestion, and pretty soon you will find that inspiration is gone, because the Higher Mental Body sees and knows every feeling. If there is a feeling obstructing the way, It will try just so long; and if It does not make it, It just quits until the individual gets ready. That is one thing I want to urge this good Brother – I do not mean try to urge it, but when the impulse comes, just let it flow, because many wonderful things will come forth.

Mrs. Ballard:   Who is more logically attuned to bring it forth than he?

Saint Germain:   I am quite sure he is willing to give obedience to whatever is required.

Mrs. Ballard:   Do you think we are laying too much stress on the new song book to get out new Melodies?

Saint Germain:   Well, I think it is quite all right for the present. You see, you cannot just sweep abruptly; but it is a steady and sure blending in with the other. I think it is advisable not to be too abrupt, because this is the point: you will find that “Light of My Heart” will do more, perhaps, than any particular thing to draw the attention of the people to what the feeling of the newer Melodies will do, because it really is tremendous – its Vibratory Action.

All you have to do is just be patient with these things until the greater and greater comes forth.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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