understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:    I think it would be well for you to consider, all of you – now for instance, just look at the Messengers. Four years ago when they started out, they had gone through years of distress – not saying what the rest of you have gone through – but just take that for a moment. They had gone through years of torture in their experience, making tremendous Application, but yet only producing partially results just because they did not know the whereabouts of the “Presence”.

Look at the position the Messengers are in today, and all that has been done and accomplished. Why, there is no human source on the face of the Earth that has ever done anything like it or accomplished anything like it, and I say to you – here I am, going again! I thought today this channel for the distribution of your compositions is the thing musicians in the past have worked for, for fifty years of their life before they got an opportunity to present it to the public.

What do you think the composers of those days would have accomplished for the world had they had an opportunity of this day? Why, they would have swept the world in no time with the things that poured forth, because they would have had the encouragement – instead of the constant beating down – that would have given the open door for the great Music of the Spheres to come forth into action and use.

Mrs. Ballard:   Talk about musical experience – I spent twenty years, and yet where did I get?

Saint Germain:   But look! If I recall, it was in your third composition that you wrote as powerful a thing as was ever written for the harp – your “March Triumphal” – showing how it came forth with ease of a breath.

Do you not see, Dear Ones! Please, won’t you feel here tonight you are in a position to be cared for – really no cause for anxiety – and the opportunity is here now to bring forth these things.

Won’t you love each other, and be happy and harmonious in the opportunity that is before you, and do these things. Why, it is a wonderful thing. It is marvelous!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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