understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wonder if you blessed ones know how much I love you; and when I see you steadily and surely gaining your great Victory and Freedom, oh what a marvelous thing it is. I suppose, My Sons and Daughters, I will have to be Granddad if Godfre is Papa, or I will have to be Grandpapa. I do want you to feel how dear every one of you is to Me.

When I see you willing to give obedience and again the expansion of your Light that has already been, it is a very wonderful, wonderful thing. You cannot conceive yet in the outer what that has meant within each one of you.

If you only knew these sacred hours that We visit together, how very sacred they are – that it is the Preparation for your Eternal Freedom from human limitations, and is the Command of all energy and substance.

May I just remind you, then I must go: look through the ages, and that which had to come wholly through Inspiration or Inner Promptings, how, at intervals, these things came through so wonderfully and are such a blessing to mankind.

For instance, in almost every century there have been some things come through in music that held the Power of Healing. There is no question about it because they have produced results, and sometimes the most amazing. Therefore, think of the vast difference today.

While as yet We must ask you to call forth from your “Presence” – but suppose, now this is just supposition, but suppose the Great Law saw fit to reveal Music – Words and Music – saw fit to reveal certain inventions that all the outer world would accept quickly and gladly, or whatever Life might see fit to utilize; and with this manner of Projected Words in Light, how all these things could be absolutely created and in readiness for use.

We have only yet given you just a fragment. All these Magnificent Dictations that have been dictated – do you not realize that it is only a fragment of what could come forth; but it is useless to give forth what mankind would not comprehend or understand.

But I want you to feel how limitless is this great scope before you in the means of bringing things forth in this manner. I could right now bring forth – give you the Words and Music and some instrumental Music that would be a tremendous Power of Healing; but why should I take away from you the opportunity to call it forth?”

Beloved Saint Germain

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