understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:   May I say to you – I am speaking now for myself – considering what we have all done in the past, in this embodiment at least, the work we did in the outer world, the things that we thought we were doing that were right, serving life, and the conditions in the outer world, may I say the hardest work any person ever did in the outer physical life, all of it for all lifetimes we have ever lived, still would not be too much to give and do over again a thousand times for the privilege of being near You, and carrying the Light for the Freedom of America and the sanity of mankind.

Were I to do it over, I would work a thousand times harder for the privilege of obeying you now.

Saint Germain:   Thank you with all My Heart. That is true and real obedience.

Mrs. Ballard:   It would not make any difference what this Work demands of us, still it would not be a fragment of what we have given to the outer world and had nothing in return.

Saint Germain:   I want to say to each one of you tonight – and your gracious and kindly remarks enable Me to bring it forth – if individuals in the outer understood what full and complete obedience means to the “Presence”, to Us who represent the Activity of the “Presence” in Its Perfection, you would know so definitely that everything then of the activity in the outer world have such unsolicited assistance unknown to the outer world, that everything would come into order, Perfect Divine Order with an ease, a speed that would be almost inconceivable to the individual who did not, within their feelings, give that full and willing obedience.

Owing to the conditions – if I seem severe tonight, bear with it, because you do not know the conditions which I know; and unless I can release sufficient Radiation and Power through the Staff, you might meet conditions wherein it won’t be so easy to be guarded.

I do not want you to fear, but there are still attempts being made to interrupt this Work; but if a sufficient harmony and willing obedience can be given by each one of the Staff, so I can release through the Staff the Power of Radiation – you will not see It, but It will go forth, nevertheless – We can govern these outer conditions so that no physical thing intrudes.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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