understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:   I have tried since I wrote that article on the Power of Peace I read over the radio, to charge the Staff three time a day with your Power of Peace.

Saint Germain:   That is a very good suggestion. Will each one of the Staff take that up, and charge yourselves and each other, either with My own Power of Peace, or Beloved Jesus’, Nada’s, or the Divine Director’s, or all together, as far as that is concerned?

This attempt – I cannot go into details and explain to you, because I do not want to get your outer mind on it; but the conditions, until after your trip to Washington, require the most powerful protection and calm Power of Radiation.

After that – I do not mean anyone should let down on their protective power – but after that the conditions will be very much more easily governed, but so far We must govern these conditions from the Inner Standpoint.

You see, this Work is not just a matter of My walking in. I can go in and get what I want. There is no question about that; but this is the Work of the Students, in preparation for the things which are to follow.

There is no use of My going ahead and doing these things without sufficient Application of the Students in the environment who are supposed to be part of this.

I cannot be after them all the time and tell them the demand. If they really refuse acceptance of the human appearance and call the “Presence” into action with a calm, determined, earnest desire, the human will not ride in to make them uncertain of which quality is acting.

If individuals could forget each other for the time being, things would be more easily adjusted. People begin to blame one another and build upon things, until the first thing they know they create a condition which has to be dissolved – because these days, in the increased Power of the Cosmic Light, individuals are releasing energy and power of which they have little concept. Especially when the feeling is charged with a little defiance, or disturbance enters in, much more feeling is released than is even imagined.

It seems so strange when We have pled with the people so long, that they will still keep giving power to human appearances in the feelings, when in the intellect they know the actual truth – that they have no power.

We just have to keep on trying.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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