understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I bring you Love and Greetings, Beloved One of the Light, from the Great Host who are ministering to bring about the great Eternal Victory of the Light.

We are all supposed to be able, to a large degree, to forget personalities; and the Law of each one’s Life is going to demand a certain amount of that. Seeing from My unlimited standpoint, I obey the Call of each one’s Life through their Higher Mental Body. I cannot be misled by human desires. The individual unascended, can be.

Therefore, it is My Privilege to attempt to guide and direct until such time as individuals come to the point in the clearness, in the receptivity of their own “Presence”, they do not mistake the direction of the human for the “Presence”.

Therefore, I know sometimes, blessed ones have thought Lotus was severe in her holding guard over the correction in the requirements; but one day you will find it is not.

Mrs. Ballard:   I am grateful that You relieved my mind, for I felt maybe I was wrong.

Saint Germain:   My Dear, you are being prompted because of the responsibility and guard that it means. If you two Messengers are not to give obedience and guard this Work, then who is there to guard It? If I cannot have you to give me obedience, and others to give you obedience, then where does the obedience come from to hold the Work pure and unadulterated?

Mrs. Ballard:   May I make a request for everybody, ourselves included, tonight; and if I am intruding on anyone’s Free Will, then I withdraw it.

“In the Name of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence”, in the name of the American people, in the name of the sanity of mankind, I ask You and the Great Divine Director to take out of every one of us, every fragment of the human – cause, effect, record, and habit, and everything of the human; and blast it, the last fragment, until it can never act again; so each one can serve to the maximum of their own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, that there can be done for America what needs to be done, and ten times more than You hope to do!”

I have said repeatedly for a long time, please don’t let us want anything but Your Way. I ask that; and if I am intruding on anyone’s Free Will, then I withdraw it from that person; but I do ask it, that You may do that which You and the Great Divine Director know must be done for the Students of America.

Saint Germain:   I have the Right and Authority to ask it; but at the same time, unless We can have the willing obedience from each one, there are yet certain things upon which We may not intrude.

It has been Our Hope ever since New York, to be able to dissolve and consume the last vestige of each one’s own accumulation of human creation, and set aside time and space for each one, that they might more easily hold the obedience and have the dominion to allow this Great Work to be done.

We have been very patient, but the time is demanding, and I trust no one will blame Me for this firm, determined stand; but the Life Stream of each one compels Me to demand it, and it must be given regardless of human desires.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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