isis unveiled: chapter x (outside the walls…)

“Arrived at this point, des Mousseaux loses all patience, and indignantly exclaims:

“Was the learned physician quite awake when writing the above sentences?…If, perchance, the Drs. Calmeil and Figuier should seriously maintain their assertions and insist on their theory, we are ready to answer them as follows:

‘We are perfectly willing to believe you. But before such a superhuman effort of condescension, will you not demonstrate to us the truth of your theory in a more practical manner?

Let us, for example, develop in you a violent and terrible passion; anger – rage if you choose. You shall permit us, for a single moment to be in your sight irritating, rude, and insulting. Of course, we will be so only at your request and in the interest of science and your cause.

Our duty under the contract will consist in humiliating and provoking you to the last extremity. Before a public audience, who shall know nothing of our agreement, but whom you must satisfy as to your assertions, we will insult you; …we will tell you that your writings are an ambuscade to truth, an insult to common sense, a disgrace which paper only can bear; but which the public should chastise.

We will add that you lie to science, you lie to the ears of the ignorant and stupid fools gathered around you, open-mouthed, like the crowd around a peddling quack.

…And when, transported beyond yourself, your face ablaze, and anger tumefying, you shall have displaced your fluids; when your fury has reached the point of bursting, we will cause your turgescent muscles to be struck with powerful blows; your friends shall show us the most insensible places; we will let a perfect shower, an avalanche of stones fall upon them…for so was treated the flesh of the convulsed women whose appetite for such blows could never be satisfied.

But, in order to procure for you the gratification of a salutary shampooing – as you deliciously express it – your limbs shall only be pounded with objects having blunt surfaces and cylindrical shapes, with clubs and sticks devoid of suppleness, and, if you prefer it, neatly turned in a lathe.'”

So liberal is des Mousseaux, so determined to accommodate his antagonists with every possible chance to prove their theory, that he offers them the choice to substitute for themselves in the experiment their wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters, “since”, he says, “you have remarked that the weaker sex is the strong and resistant sex in these disconcerting trials.”

Useless to remark that des Mousseaux’s challenge remained unanswered.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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