understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   I urge you, Blessed Ones, for you are doing a thousand times, or shall I say giving a thousand times the Blessing to mankind of anything that has ever been on this Earth since the time of Beloved Jesus. More than that, you are reaching so many more people. I tell you, the Glory of that is worth everything in the world.

Do not allow the pull of things to prevent you doing these things We ask – a few simple things that will keep you protected and on guard and supplied with energy. It is marvelous!

Question:   But some do not have time for Application.

Saint Germain:   Do not give them any chance, any more than possible, to hook up some excuses for their not having Answers to their Application. They don’t see how that very thing is the most Infinite Proof and Power of the Action of the “Presence” – their Application.

The human has to be humored like an infant until it can gain a certain momentum. You perhaps have seen some of it yourselves; for some great strong men and women act just like babies on certain things. They are powerfully strong on certain things, and on other things they are just like babies.

Some wonderfully physically strong men act like infants when they have the slightest pain. They succumb to it; and you may observe that when some kind of epidemic starts to spread, it is almost without exception the strong, husky people who get it first – almost without exception.

Question:  Because all that energy becomes qualified?

Saint Germain: Exactly. Where the human can get mankind to accept a suggestion, that throws tragic fear into them. Oh, My Dear Ones, since I have come into the Ascended State and am able to see clearly all the forces that were acting upon Myself and that act upon mankind.

I tell you, if you ever want to annihilate the destructive forces, it is then.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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