understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   You mentioned that most of our human creation has been consumed. What is our next step?

Saint Germain:   I would stand very carefully the guard over your feelings for the next few months, until all of the old feeling that is in the atomic structure of the old momentum is gone. It is not easy to explain to you.

You see, in the Light Pattern of you body, the Points of Light in the cells have been clothed by you with discord; and even when the human creation is dissolved – it does not mean that. Let Me find a word that will convey to you just what I want you to understand by it.

Let us use “quality”. I think that is about the nearest thing We can use. You see, the quality of the charge of the “clothing” of the Light within the cells is the thing that must be purified, after the pressure of the human creation is off. If the charge has been somewhat dynamic, that means it may require some time for that to be released – the quality to be released from within the “garment” of that Point of Light, which is the “clothing” about it.

Of course you do not see it, but every Point of Light within your body stands out separately. If you saw it from the Inner state, you would see distinctly the force field around each Light, just as you do the force field in the study of electricity.

Question:   Is that in the feeling body – a habit in the atomic consciousness?

Saint Germain:   Yes, it is a charge from the habit of the atomic consciousness. That habit has to be stopped. Really, the habit in this instance is what We term as momentum, because habit is what We term as momentum, because habit is what causes momentum; and the human atomic structure – it is simply astonishing how quickly it will begin to accept a situation. Oh, about two, and not over three repetitions will cause the atomic structure to begin to accept that suggestion or action.

But I must prompt you again, Blessed Ones! Before you sleep at night and when you awaken in the morning, first stand on your feet. Don’t move to do a thing until you charge your mind, body, and feeling world with the Perfection of the “Presence”, with Its Mighty Directing Intelligence, and with Its Enfolding Presence of Divine Love and Infinite, All-powerful Protection. You would be so amazed if you would just do it methodically.

I do not mean by that, do it with just the head. Watch, and do not do it until you have your feeling following your attention and requirement. If you will just watch out that your feeling is following that, if you will train your feeling the moment your attention goes to that, it will surge into action!

That is where you get such tremendous blessing and effect – from the conscious charging of your mind, body, and feeling world; and if you will do it all the time, you will see the most amazing effects upon your body and worlds!

In addition:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge your Mighty Power of Divine Love and Harmony into my feeling world and out into my activity before me.”  If you will do this, you will be astonished. Do this with the great earnest sincerity and enthusiasm.

You see, these things sound so simple; but Heavens, how powerful they are.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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