understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   You have no idea the battle that I had in those earlier days.

Question:   Beloved Serapis Bey evidently did too?

Saint Germain:   Oh, yes. Twice I took jail sentences to protect ones I loved.

Question:   in your last embodiment?

Saint Germain:   Yes – one in the embodiment in which I made the Ascension, and one in the previous one. I really, in My last three hundred years, almost four hundred years, I did not re-embody. I just simply changed bodies.

Do you realize, My Dear Ones, what it means when I so earnestly ask you to do these few simple things – for instance, charge your body night and morning. Why, if you only realized what you can do. You can compel your body to take on Perfect Youth, not only in appearance, but in activity.

Now, for instance, I might add this thing: Charge your body. Charge the Currents of Energy into every organ of your body to do its perfect work; your kidneys, your liver, your stomach, your lungs – all the organs of your body. Charge them into Perfect Action. It is really very vital to charge those organs with that Mighty Energy, causing perfect action in those parts.

Why, with you today there is not any reason why you cannot compel every organ of your body to obey you and do its perfect work, because you have now come into sufficient control of your food so that it would be easily done. It would not be easily done if you were cramming your stomach all of the time; but as it is, you are all realizing that it does not require anything like the food you once thought you needed.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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