understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The need of today is to get away from all that produces friction. With the new power mechanisms, airplanes within the air currents can anchor in midair and yet hold up twice their weight. A magnet holds things to it by currents of energy. You can project a Ray that is a current of energy which is a thousand times greater and more powerful than any magnet. When regulated, and the currents within your mechanism are greater than that of the atmosphere, you are unaffected by it.

Gas engines will cease to be. All power units of the future will be things that call forth currents of energy. Then, things that call forth currents of energy will have more power than a diesel engine.

You have no idea of the stubbornness of human intellects. You must bring such individuals step by step, until they step right out into Perfection, because they have been steeped for centuries in their limitations.

We have a metal today in Our Retreat that the bullet from an elephant rifle will not even dent. It is one-fourth inch thick. It is bulletproof because it has a resiliency that does not let things affect it. if an airplane made of it was hit by a shell, its radiation would not permit the shell to explode.

All these planes will be pointed front and back, so passage through the air will have no resistance. They do not know yet how to regulate the bevel. At higher altitude the sharp nose is required.

All the mechanics must come forth from the Octave of Light or Venus. They are already thought out. The modern mind does not conceive, by itself; it only accepts what has already been conceived.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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