understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“People of today are not creators, for they do not draw forth Ideas from the Great Central Sun. The Ascended draw these things forth from Their original Astronomical Center, the Great Central Sun of our System. As you begin to rise into a limitless vibratory action, you become that action and thus rise out of all limitations.

The cartoonists have touched upon some remarkably real things.

The possibility of the future, according to the Intensity of the Great Cosmic Light as It comes forth for Its Victory on the Earth, will depend on the condition of mankind in the future.

The Earth was self-luminous originally, and would have remained so if mankind had not imposed discord upon it. Mankind’s feeling is a vibratory action; and when individuals have built upon that for centuries, you can realize what vicious destruction comes forth.

Be perfectly still a few moments. Say something like this: “‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’, Great Host of Ascended Masters! Make me masterfully sensitive to all I need to understand and know; and see I comprehend all You present to me!”  Then you would know things as easily as you read a book.

Prescription:   In the thought of a thing is the mental picture which forms the cup or mold. The feeling pours the substance into that and produces the form.

Say:   “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, You do this!” Then you use your attention to hold the focus after your Call. Then all the energy the Higher Mental Body has called forth is concentrated to bring it forth.

The feeling of the unnaturalness of a thing is the barrier that often keeps the manifestation from activity.

From now on, say to everything less than Perfection: “Oh no, nothing but the Perfection of my ‘Presence’ enters my world! Now get out!”

When people bring you gossip, say: “If this thing is true, we shall help them. If it is not, then you are committing an injustice; so let us all go to our ‘Presence’.”

The feeling world is one! The mental world is one! Thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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