understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“On Venus they have machines for taking dictation and making it into a book immediately. It comes first in a picture with all details shown. In the Light are held all pictures of all things that are. The picture is the Light and as soon as the attention fixes upon it, out of that Light comes the understanding of how to produce it.

If the human would not get irritated or impatient, the whole thing would be revealed easily. These things are all the Activity of Light. It is all a matter of getting the feeling into the susceptibility of the action.

When confusion or uncertainty enters the feeling, it scatters the force which you would otherwise concentrate upon your objective to produce the result you desire.

In regard to money supply, oh, it does not matter how much you require, just say: “‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!’ Take up this Call, and bring this house, money, or airplane into our hands with plenty for its upkeep!”

Leave all to the Wisdom of the “Presence”.

Up to this time mankind has done everything the hard way because they have so long forgotten the “Presence”.

I have watched the effect of occultism for one hundred years, and I have not seen anyone who has had any results. The occult student begins to imagine results, till they do not accomplish anything at all. The work of invention of the future will be done by clean, clear, fresh minds who are not confused by technicalities.

What is to come forth We have now in the Retreats in mechanical form, and it can be reproduced easily. The mechanics of the coming age, which are to transcend effects of the Earth’s gravity, must be of a rate of vibratory action more rapid than that which is within the earth’s currents. They will therefore be unaffected by those Earth currents.

As the Cosmic Light comes forth into more and more Dominion, you will find, as these conditions are brought forth, they will be regulated so the completed action will come forth quickly.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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