understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, this is indeed a rare treat. I want you to know, Beloved Children, that you are gaining a Victory with a power and speed that will delight you.

To every disturbing suggestion say, “You shall not enter our world and its activity,” You can say that to a person, place, or condition. You can say that and have Victory right away. You have had the experience to show you how necessary it is to know the source of anything.

It is sometimes imperative to reach out in consciousness and find the cause of a thing. When you find that such a thing comes from you, you can concentrate your full force upon it and dispel it. Call your “Presence” to show you the source; then you can call the Higher Mental Body to dispel it.

As you draw your Armor of Light, It grows more and more Invincible each day. When you harden metal, you heat it to a certain degree, then dash it into water, then watch the heat recede until the metal gains a certain hardness.

When you call forth your Armor of Light, you charge the energy into It and It becomes more and more Invincible. When your Armor of Light reaches a certain point of Invincibility, It then holds Its own to a certain degree. If you discontinue, you would notice in a week the letdown.

You can become sensitive with power. You can have a great calm, but be sensitive so you can detect things in a moment. You always come into a powerful sensitiveness in your Governing Power.

If a thing disturbs you, get still first. Call the “Presence” to show you its cause and what to do about it. Call your “Presence” to reveal to you whatever you ask to be revealed. When you call a thing forth, the attention is held steady; and every time you add to it at each Call, you add power to it.

If the Student will train himself or herself to realize that at each Call he releases Light-Substance, he will feel that Light – Self-Luminous, Intelligent Substance – pour out at each Call. It knows no resistance or interference, and keeps pouring into the objective at each Call.

Remind yourself: “This Call is Light; and each time I call, I add to it more Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance.””

Beloved Saint Germain

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