understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I congratulate you all on the wonderful success of this Class. We have not time tonight, but the first time we have a little extra time, I want to go into some of the details that took place. I tell you, Beloved Ones, had you seen from the Inner Standpoint even half of what took place in this Class, you would be launched forever in the Victory of your Light. Things were dissolved and consumed that have been active in this city and environment for thirty centuries.

Just be reminded that when the Radiance can be brought to a point where the number or new people who came into this Class became immediately harmonious – to the degree that there was no discordant radiation going forth – that should be proof to every one of you of the Victory of the Light in the Group that has been drawn together, providing you give obedience.

Dear Ones, watch out that your human sympathy does not run away with you under any circumstance. Let each one feel that your Service to the Light is first.

I congratulate you. I know every feeling that was in your Heart tonight. Let us go on and on into greater and greater Victory in this great Service to the Light.

You see, if you can get vicious forces vicious enough so that they bite themselves, then you are soon finished with them; and I think we are arriving at that point.

You know, there isn’t anything so amusing in all the world as to see a vicious force thwarted, and they see that all of their effort amounts to nothing. It is really from the human standpoint an interesting thing.

However, that is not where We focus our attention, but on the Great Light that produces Perfection.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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