understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, this is where I am going to have to use the paddle. Every one of you must do more work on your Application. I think it is the outer pull of the seeming need, that is keeping the rest of you children from the full Application. So, will you just buckle on your Armor and get busy with definite work. Do not let the pull of the outer world hold you from making your definite Application.

Blessed Ones, I am watching the opportunity to enable all of you to bring back the Work you are doing through the Higher Mental Body, since I asked you to retire and get the body out of the way so the Inner Work could go on. I tell you, the day you bring back that memory, you will rejoice.

You haven’t any idea, Blessed Ones, the tremendous Work you do from the Higher Mental Body every night your body sleeps soundly. Believe Me, it is no idle thing. I think it is not wise to go into it just yet.

You see, I try your patience so severely – not unnecessarily though.

Whenever there is a real desire within an individual to win the Victory, then We want to give all the Assistance We can; but everyone must prove they are stabilized, when they have been so fluctuating through life.

Everyone who has a temperament, after giving way to destructive conditions, must prove themselves, in order for them to have the realization and the strength it requires to hold self-control.

In the tremendous Service rendered here, this city has been blessed as no other city where the Messengers have been.

It just shows what could be done everywhere if the people but realized that their love, harmony, and cooperation make a condition that makes all things possible – that as long as you love, bless, and do not see each other’s faults, why, you will find great achievement.

Children, you know when they get playing, sometimes have peculiar feelings and actions; so you are not children at play now, but at work with a Joy of Eternal Perfection which is that Service.

Don’t you think I am frightfully severe? Does My paddle hurt so severely? But it is nice to have My Children around Me before they scatter in all directions and then come together again.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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