isis unveiled: chapter x (outside the walls…)

“We will now give a few historical instances going to show that some daimons, or elementary spirits, are afraid of sword, knife, or anything sharp. We do not pretend to explain the reason. That is the province of physiology and psychology.

Unfortunately, physiologists have not yet been able to even establish the relations between speech and thought, and so on, have handed it over to metaphysicians, who, in their turn, according to Fournie, have done nothing. Done nothing, we say, but claimed everything.

No fact could be presented to some of them, that was too large for these learned gentlemen to at least try to stuff into their pigeon-holes, labeled with some fancy Greek name, expressive of everything else but the true nature of the phenomenon.

“Alas, alas! my son!” exclaims the wise Muphti, of Aleppo, to his son Ibrahim, who choked himself with the head of a huge fish. “When will you realize that your stomach is smaller than the ocean?” or, as Mrs. Catherine Crowe remarks in her Night-Side of Nature, when will our scientists admit that “their intellects are no measure of God Almighty’s designs?””

H. P. Blavatsky

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