understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):   Within these ten days I have been able to do in Washington that which I would have thought was incredible five weeks ago. So, We have much to be rejoiced about.

Oh, Blessed Ones, feel and know with such earnestness and power that all appearance in the government less than Perfection has no power. All appearances less than Perfection in aerial service activity have no power, and the same in industries.

When you send out your next letter, will you put a line or two in and say that it is My Wish that all assert more and more firmly that all human appearances less than Perfection have no power, because it does mean so much.

That going forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind gives the people – even those who do not know anything about this – a firmer conviction and assurance that these things, although sometimes they seem drastic in appearance and dangerous, yet they have no power.

If, in the outer world, enough of humanity would withdraw that power and say to those forces with intense feeling that they have no power, you would have miracles!

Beloved Saint Germain

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