isis unveiled: chapter x (outside the walls…)

“The description which Isaiah gives of the purification necessary for a prophet to undergo before he is worthy to be the mouthpiece of heaven, applies to the case in point.

In customary metaphor he says: “Then flew one of the seraphim unto me having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the alter…and he laid it upon my mouth and said, Lo! this hath touched thy lips and thine iniquity is taken away.”

The invocation of his own Augoeides, by the purified adept, is described in words of unparalleled beauty by Bulwer-Lytton in Zanoni, and there he gives us to understand that the slightest touch of mortal passion unfits the hierophant to hold communion with his spotless soul.

Not only are there few who can successfully perform the ceremony, but even these rarely resort to it except for the instruction of some neophytes, and to obtain knowledge of the most solemn importance. And yet how little is the knowledge treasured up by these hierophants understood or appreciated by the general public!

“There is another collection of writings and traditions bearing the title of Kabala, attributed to Oriental scholars”, says the author of Art-Magic; “but as this remarkable work is of little or no value without a key, which can only be furnished by Oriental fraternities, its transcript would be of no value to the general reader.”

And how they are ridiculed by every Houndsditch commercial traveler who wanders through India in pursuit of “orders” and writes to the Times, and misrepresented by every nimble-fingered trickster who pretends to show be legerdemain, to the gaping crowd, the feats of true Oriental magicians!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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