understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):   I tell you, Dear Ones, even with all that you have felt, you have no idea what tremendous accomplishment has been in your Thursday night Classes when you draw such enthusiasm over your calling forth one-thousand-dollar bills into your hands and use. I tell you it is a magnificent thing going forth in the mental and feeling world.

Remember, what your attention is upon, you become! What your attention is on, you bring into your Life Stream for activity and use! It is magnificent! And why?

Because everything that is generated in a tremendous spirit of joy and happiness goes forth with a power of accomplishment inconceivable without it.

Now, that is why in all Application, with the exception of certain vicious forces, this powerful and tremendous feeling is a desirable thing to use for the average thing, even toward some vicious conditions.

If one could release that great enthusiasm and joy in knowing they have no power, that they are dissolved and consumed, it would be an astonishing thing; but when things seem serious or dangerous, it is not always easy to generate that great joy and enthusiasm. I do congratulate you on your ability to call that forth from that marvelous group of people.

How patient one must be with the human. The way individuals twist things that they hear is a caution, but it means keeping up your patience until finally they begin to hear straighter and straighter.

The Messenger has called your attention to it many times; but Dear Ones, if you could see in the audience when people allow their attention to be drawn by someone getting up in the room and going out, or some little movement that draws their attention – then they miss the whole sentence, or two or three sentences. That is how those distortions creep in. I presume if their life depended upon it, if somebody got up in the room they would not look.

Dear Ones, I tell you, the pull of the old habit is a tremendous thing. Many of the Students today are those who have had training and discipline, but they have not brought much of it forth yet – I mean the memory of it.

Precious Lotus, I am beginning to see daylight for you. I am determined that these things are going to get cleared away now so that you have a breathing spell.

Mrs. Ballard:   Please give me some of Your All-Powerful Concentration. That will help.

Saint Germain: I shall endeavor to do so.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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