understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Could we know something about the last third of our human creation?

Saint Germain:   What would be your judgement? Wouldn’t you think that each individual should take care of one-third, at least? You know, that is a great deal – to have two-thirds of your own human creation taken care of. However, you know the Great Law does many wonderful things.

Well, Dear Ones, do you not see how easy and quick it would be; just as quick as one maintains self-control and harmony in the feelings, it would be so easily and quickly accomplished.

Question:   Would it not be well to use the Statement: “There is nothing hidden that is not revealed”?

Saint Germain:   I tell you, Dear People, if you would do that earnestly and tenaciously twice a day – release It dynamically like and explosion of feeling – you would be amazed what would be revealed.

The human is such an unstable creature. It will take hold of a thing and be very enthusiastic every day, then pretty soon it forgets. I do not mean one could keep up a long line of Decrees – you could not do it; it would take all day. But after all, there are certain things – now I am speaking of your individual use; and if it needs correcting, let Me correct the idea now.

It was never intended that all these Decrees be given all at once, every day; but they are given because certain ones create certain feelings – and they can do with four or five Decrees what a hundred could not do otherwise.

You know, you ought to take yourselves in hand and bring yourselves into line. When you have a certain amount of sleep, get up and go about your work, and really feel a responsibility to your life, your world.

Don’t feel that the world should carry you around on a gold platter. Just enter into that joy and enthusiasm of service. You can have a real good time now, so just buckle in, take hold, and enter into that. Go into it with a vim and vigor, and mean business. Just feel the happiness of joy and enthusiasm of your work.

You children must not think Me unkind because I say these things – because something has to awaken you to that feeling of something to hold your attention on, more than just yourselves.

You see, where the human has had its own way for a long time, it objects like thunder to give way; but I tell you frankly, unless it is brought into obedience, it won’t release the Glories of the Light that are within you. It won’t do it.

But there is such power, such positiveness in you if you just take control of the human and make it come into obedience. It is the same with any human being.

It has to be done if you are going to win the Victory which your Hearts craves in the Light.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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