isis unveiled: chapter x (outside the walls…)

“As in the case exemplified by Professor Le Conte (vide chap. ix.), “there is no force in nature” – and the rule applies to the spiritual as well as to the physical evolution – “which is capable of raising at once spirit or matter from No. 1 to No. 3, or from 2 to 4, without stopping and receiving an accession of force of a different kind on the intermediate plane.”

That is to say, the monad which was imprisoned in the elementary being – the rudimentary or lowest astral form of the future man – after having passed through and quitted the highest physical shape of a dumb animal – say an orang-outang, or again an elephant, one of the most intellectual of brutes – that monad, we say, cannot skip over the physical and intellectual sphere of the terrestrial man, and be suddenly ushered into the spiritual sphere above.

What reward or punishment can there be in that sphere of disembodied human entities for a foetus or a human embryo which had not even time to breathe on this earth, still less an opportunity to exercise the divine faculties of the spirit?

Or, for an irresponsible infant, whose senseless monad remaining dormant within the astral and physical casket, could as little prevent him from burning himself as another person to death? or for one idiotic from birth, the number of whose cerebral circumvolutions is only from twenty to thirty per cent of those of sane persons; and who therefore is irresponsible for either his disposition, acts, or the imperfections of his vagrant, half-developed intellect? No need to remark that if even hypothetical, this theory is no more ridiculous than many others considered as strictly orthodox.

We must not forget that either through the inaptness of the specialists or some other reason, physiology itself is the latest advanced or understood of sciences, and that some French physicians, with Dr. Fournie, positively despair of ever progressing in it beyond pure hypotheses.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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