understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):   Oh, it does not make any difference, Dear Ones, even if you had ten million dollars; it is not a matter of money conditions. It is a matter of the release of your own physical energy and keeping the attention of the mind upon the constructive things. That is the requirement in this outer world of activity today.

You see, a few people – and I can see so many – have gotten the idea that because I made the Statement, because I had brought one into physical perfection without having done any physical exercise, that does not mean that every human being can do that at the present.

But the need is to keep the mind from running around and dwelling upon things that it should not dwell on, because the human mind unoccupied, I tell you, will soon do it; and I have never seen anybody that can prevent it. That is why employment, service of some kind that utilizes a certain amount of physical energy, is a marvelous thing for most people.

Like the individual many years ago in Ohio who was ill in bed and had been for months; and it was pouring rain, and this Great “Presence”, seeing the need of a neighbor, said to this invalid, “Get up, go and render this service.”

She could not believe her ears at first. Again the Voice repeated the words to her, and again she did not respond. The third time the Voice spoke to her, she got up out of that invalid bed, and went out in the pouring rain in her nightgown and robe to the neighbor’s and rendered that service, and was instantly well.

This is what obedience means.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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