understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Are there any focuses in Los Angeles?

Saint Germain:   Yes, there is one here; but the principle part of that is focused along the coast where it easier of access, because they have been very cautious. That is the reason they use San Francisco and Seattle, and much of the distribution has gone through individuals carrying it to other points. If the officials had known what some of these individuals traveling were carrying, they would never have seen daylight again.

Question:   What kind of Work do we do out at night?

Saint Germain:   Marvelous action in the projection of the Light Rays, the use of the Sword of Blue Flame. That is the reason why, wherever it is possible, get to bed by twelve o’clock. I do not mean that you should feel tremendous strain. It does not make any difference whether you are together or where you are, you will always go out in this regular Work.

Question:   Can we go out if we are not asleep, if we make the Call?

Saint Germain:   It is much better to have the body asleep, because for certain Work We need to do things in the outer world. We must have the connection with the sleeping body to give the energy for the physical things.

Question:    Why do the blessed ones just fly from one extreme to the other?

Saint Germain:    You know, those blessed individuals who have so much time, if they would get the needed rest and make their dynamic Decrees, they could do perfectly wonderful things.

This Activity has been marvelous because there has been no attempt to force membership. That is why you cannot go out on the highways and byways and drag people in, because if you do, you will pull in a lot of people who are just curious – and in that, have conditions to handle that are wholly unnecessary.

You see, that is why advertising could not be used in this Work. Oh, if you had, with all your strength I doubt if you could have survived. I doubt it very much, because once you begin to advertise a thing that is so in opposition to the previous understanding of people, you have no idea what comes at you.

Now this is getting momentum enough, where there are enough of the Students issuing these Decrees and present in all the Classes, that it overbalances much of that. But imagine today, going into a wholly new Class of five thousand people who know nothing about this – why, it would take a giant to stand against it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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