understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):   Since Bob, Rex, Nada, and Pearl are returning to India, I can say a few things I would like to. I have the greatest encouragement watching those blessed Children. You never saw anything like it. Their enthusiasm seems to grow each day. Naturally, because of that great happiness and joy in what They wish to do, of course it makes it tremendously powerful; and when They start to do something, They find the Power They are releasing is just beyond words.

You will understand, Dear Ones, what a tremendous thing it is to be lifted out of a world of limitations and enter into that Freedom which They are experiencing now. It is so recent that They still maintain the enthusiasm – not that They lack in poise in any way; but the enthusiasm is so very wonderful, it just makes your Heart leap with a joy to watch Them operate. Sometimes, at a distance, I watch it when They do not know it, and it is beyond words.

Question:   Would the Great Law permit – as we call It forth in the Name of the “I AM” and the people of America, and to You and the Great Cosmic Beings – the sudden dissolving of those four vortices of the activities, like the communistic thing?

Saint Germain:   Yes, make the Call which does give Us the Authority and Power to begin action on those activities and the individuals there. You see, up to this time We could not interfere with them; but since that puts them within the scope where their Free Will can be set aside, I do not hesitate to act.

Question:   Wouldn’t the sudden dissolving of that substance shake them up plenty?

Saint Germain:   Oh yes.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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