understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   I felt You were letting it grow strong and slowly.

Saint Germain:   It had to be. Oh, We would not dare let too many new people in even yet, only according to the strength of the Students and Group Leaders. For instance, you could take a Class of one-third Students and two-thirds new people and handle it. The Students have come to know that their part in that Class is to hold a certain protection for you, and they naturally do it.

You probably think I am very human this afternoon, but I want you to feel My nearness. I don’t hesitate to use your own language to make you feel My nearness; but you remember that wondrous, wondrous statement: “Two people standing side by side – one may be taken and the other left.”

That is the Great Law of Selective Discrimination which is operating in the Great Cosmic Light.
So, there is no question about those who should be protected; and there is no question about those who should not be protected. Even if they run away from It, they would be sure to be in Its Radiation.

Therefore, one’s attention upon the “Presence” is the only safety there is in such conditions.

But this will be a vastly different thing than any cataclysmic activity that has ever occurred – very, very different, because for the first time that great Selective Intelligence with the Cosmic Light will be acting within the Earth.

So, I hope by your return from the East in July that this whole thing that We started out to accomplish will have been accomplished; and when It is, It will be the greatest Accomplishment, the greatest Victory that anybody has ever witnessed on this Earth.

Then you will all rejoice beyond your fondest imagination to know that you were a part of It.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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