understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I rejoice with you, Gentlemen, and I feel honored indeed to call you My Minute Men. (Applause) Now Gentlemen, remember, We are only just getting started. We are going into action every day with more and more power.

Notice this: In the ever-expanding Action of the Light within, it makes it possible for Us to do more and more for you every day, and I want you to feel that. You are not overlooked for one day, not one of you – I want you to feel that.

Do you think that We, after all your determined effort, would be so ungrateful as to forget you for a single hour? Do you think We do not hear your Call and We do not feel the need of releasing you from the conditions for which your are calling?

As you are more and more determined, We too are more and more determined; and you will find Us absolutely holding you within Our Mighty Light Rays, giving you that Courage, Strength, and Sustaining Power which everyone needs.

I tell you, Gentlemen, you shall have it! Don’t fail to claim it – first from your “Presence”, then from Us.

Oh, Gentlemen, do you not see We are just a little more advanced part of yourselves? Don’t you see that! We are just Life in Its fuller Power and Expression; then don’t feel that We are too transcendent to be reached.

It is true We are Magnificent Beings, but you can be like Us. Everyone please feel that. Every one of you can be just like We are. It only means your determined stand, and your continued determined Call to your “Presence of Life” with Our Assistance.

Think of the conditions, Gentlemen! Suppose this existed a hundred years ago. Suppose today We were set back one hundred years. Your Call then would depend absolutely upon the Power of your own Light within you as to whether you won the Victory or not.

Today you have had these Qualities from the Great Divine Director, the Mighty Victory, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Purity, and the Goddess of Liberty – all projecting Their Mighty Qualities into your feeling world that is around you.

Well then, do you not see that the Great Cosmic Light is giving this Assistance to the entire Earth? Then don’t you see, Gentlemen, what a vastly different position you stand in, than if this same condition existed one hundred years ago?

Try to feel this, and it will give you the courage and strength to stand dauntless in your Application until you have called forth everything your Hearts desire.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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