understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Gentlemen, when you realize that you can cause to be dissolved fear or whatever it is in your world of that particular thing, you can sweep it out absolutely. I want you to feel that, because I have given you your Freedom today. Of course, it can only be temporary unless you accept that and call your attention into action to sustain it.

It will be so easy to do it if you will realize that I have told you the Truth, that you have been cut free from that condition; and if it be fear, or whatever quality is manifesting there, it is gone – absolutely gone.

I want you to feel that, because I tell you, Gentlemen, if you saw from Our Octave of Light the transformation that has taken place in five weeks over your America – and mark you, for about eight months that fiendish thing had been deliberately catapulted at the people of America and especially the Student Body, to make them fear and believe they were not getting free from their financial limitation.

That thing has been almost completely wiped out from the whole atmosphere of the people of America and largely from the Student Body, because that vicious force wanted to see this Light fail – but it will never see it! (Applause)

I am so grateful, Gentlemen, that you feel the need, that you see the necessity and are willing to do whatever is within your power to silence all attempted interference with this Work, because I tell you, as the whole Student Body over America takes this stand, those vicious creatures will absolutely disappear.

There is no reason why there should be opposition to their Work. It is not a thing that interferes with anything in the World. It just expands the understanding of all mankind, and there is no reason why there should be this feeling.

I tell you, vicious individuals who willingly do that, should be silenced; and I am sure they will be.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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