understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am so determined, Gentlemen that I am going to see all of you as young boys when We return in July (Applause), feeling the full power of buoyancy of youth acting through your bodies and your world of action. Oh, it is so real and so beautiful; and you can have it, Beloved Brothers of Light! You can have it, and if you will be as determined as I, you shall have it outpicturing.

I thank you with all My Heart for your determined stand to Life and for your Love to Me. Oh, it is magnificent; it is a beautiful thing.

I say to you again, Gentlemen, that after almost six hundred years, and striving throughout mankind to get those who would listen to Me, and who would see the Truth of the Words I know to be real, to respond to It – remember, We shall not miss one opportunity to reach more and more of mankind. (Applause)

Therefore, Beloved Brothers of Light, know that My Hand is in yours. Know that My Heart beats with yours, and that out of that Heartbeat which is Mine in you, will come the Glory, the Purity, the Perfection, the Dominion of Life that has struggled so long to find Its Dominion in and through you.

I thank you. I love you and bless you forever.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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