understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I ask you to keep reminded of all the Great Divine Director has done, all the Goddess of Light has done, all the Goddess of Purity and the Mighty Victory have done. Think of these Magnificent Friends, Gentlemen, such Mighty Beings, besides all the Others – but I speak of These especially because since They have charged certain Qualities into your world of action, then They have made you part of Themselves.

Gentlemen , I wish you could feel this with all the importance it is to you. Do you realize what it means for these Great Beings to make your Life a part of Them! If this had not been done, I could not have rendered this Service today; but if you will accept this now, and then call your “Presence of Life” into action to sustain it, you will see the proof of My Words – but I cannot sustain it for you unless you will give that obedience to Life.

The almighty progress that has been made! Gentlemen, could you see as We do in all conditions of America, you would rejoice beyond any power of expression. And think, just think of it! Gentlemen, We are just getting into action now.

Oh, We want you to feel such joy, such happiness in your ability to call forth the Invincible Power of Life.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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