understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, please feel that even though outer manifestations have not met your full demand – still continue on in that determination which ere long will set you free completely. Remember, that in the little obedience that We call your attention to, which Life requires of you – it is very little in comparison with that great joy and limitless release of every good thing that you wish to have.

Remember, We have tried to seek out within each one and find just how little obedience could be required, and ask that you might give it to have this great Freedom. It is not that We ever want to deprive you of anything, of your human Free Will, or that which should be asserted by you; but unless you do give the obedience to certain of these simple Requirements which We have asked, you will find yourselves suddenly obstructed.

Having passed through all these experiences which you go through, We know exactly what you require; and if you will let Us help you by the suggestions We offer, then you will be free so quickly. But if you do not think that applies to you – that it applies to the other fellow – then you will find you are not going to be free!

Since you have made such tremendous progress, such Expansion of the Light so far, well, why not go on and so quickly be free!

Gentlemen, I say to you, watch out! Stand guard! Your Light is expanded so much more than you realize yet. Do not give way to human conditions for one second, accepting that they have power to deprive you any longer, or that they hold a crushing hand upon you.

They do not!

This day, rejoice with Me – and I especially prepared it for this hour – while you have been listening to these Words, I have cut you free from the last binding thing! Will you accept that, and will you await the Wisdom of your “Presence of Life” in bringing Its outer Manifestation and Proof of that into your world of action?

You know I would not utter a Word to you that was not true. When I say I have cut you free, that means I have temporarily cut you free from everything that would bind or hold you longer in fear or doubt; but since I cannot be the sustaining power of that, I have caused this to be done to give you time now to adjust yourselves to the “Presence of Life”, and call Its full Power of Action to hold and sustain this release which I have given you this hour.

This is mighty real, Gentlemen; and since you know the only real activity is Life Itself, then try to feel the Truth of My Words applying to you individually.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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