isis unveiled: chapter X (outside the walls…)

“Modern science is in a dilemma; it must concede our hypothesis to be correct, or admit the possibility of miracle. To do so, is to say that there can be an infraction of natural law. If this can happen in one case, what assurance have we that it may not be repeated indefinitely, and so destroy that fixity of law, that perfect balance of forces by which the universe is governed. This is a very ancient and an unanswerable argument.

To deny the appearance, in our midst, of supersensual beings, when they have been seen, at various times and in various countries, by not merely thousands, but millions of persons, is unpardonable obstinacy; to say that, in any one instance, the apparition has been produced by a miracle, fatal to the fundamental principle of science.

What will they do? What can they do, when they shall have awakened from the benumbing stupor of their pride, but collect the facts, and try to enlarge the boundaries of their field of investigations?

The existence of spirit in the common mediator, the ether, is denied by materialism; while theology makes of it a personal god, the kabalists holds that both are wrong, saving that in ether, the elements represent but matter – the blind cosmic forces of nature; and Spirit, the intelligence which directs them.

The Hermetic, Orphic, and Pythagorean cosmogonical doctrines, as well as those of Sanchoniathon and Berosus, are all based upon one irrefutable formula, viz.: that the ether and chaos, or, in the Platonic language, mind and matter, were the two primeval and eternal principles of the universe, utterly independent of anything else.

The former was the all-vivifying intellectual principle; the chaos, a shapeless, liquid principle, without “form or sense”, from the union of which two, sprang into existence the universe, or rather, the universal world, the first androgynous deity – the chaotic matter becoming its body, and ether the soul.

According to the phraseology of a Fragment of Hermias, “chaos, from this union with spirit, obtaining sense, shone with pleasure, and thus was produced the Protogonos (the first-born) light.”

This is the universal trinity, based on the metaphysical conceptions of the ancients, who, reasoning by analogy, made of man, who is compound of intellect and matter, the microcosm of the macrocosm, or great universe.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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