understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Gentlemen, do not yield one second to this which has been – notice I say, “which has been” – your feeling and fear of financial limitations. Gentlemen, as true as I am telling you, I have cut every one of you free today from that thing! (Applause – audience rising)

Gentlemen, while you are standing, let us look this thing squarely in the face. Any kind of limitation that holds its appearance before you is a human quality. Now you all know that, and I am sure you will all agree with Me that it can be nothing: Since it has no Life, it could be but a human quality; then you know that thing has no power any longer.

Try to feel that now, Gentlemen, today. Remember that anything which has produced any kind of limitation for you, or has caused you to fear it or feel it, is but a human quality which has no power in itself.

Don’t you see, unless you feed your Life into it through your attention, it cannot have power?

Therefore, do something to keep your attention off that; and if there is not anything else, just turn on it and just keep saying to it through your feeling:

“You have no power! Now you might as well get out, for I am going to keep this up until you know it and that feeling in me has to go down. My feeling is not going to accept that human sense of limitation anymore. It is only a human thing and has no power, and I will not accept it another minute!””

Beloved Saint Germain

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