understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Friends of America and Gentlemen present, will you please understand today that all that ever acts throughout the entire World is Life, Its Currents of Energy, Its Strength, Its Intelligence and Power; but since mankind have Free Will to qualify the energy – in other words, clothe it with the condition that is in their feeling world – then Life is not responsible for mankind’s mistakes.

Mankind, in having forgotten the Powers, the expression, the fullness of the activity of Life which is actually acting every moment within their human form, will find now that they can recall the memory gained, the understanding forgotten, and restore this into that Dominion of Life which has always been their birthright.

Now, since you will understand that all of this is perfectly natural, and is an an action of your Life, then listen closely to that which will follow, so that you may grasp, if even for the first time, enough of the understanding of your own Life and call It into action to render Its Almighty Service for you.

According to the degree to which you are able to still your human qualities, silence them, and let the “Presence of Life” charge that Quality forth which you can call forth in a greater intensity to take action through you, then will you find all the proof that mankind desire to cause them to realize that they are standing in the “Presence of Life”, moving in the “Presence of Life” – whose Dominion beginning to operate will take charge and produce such Perfection in their worlds that there will not be the slightest question in the mind of any human being that they have contacted the Source of all Perfection of Life, and Its Mighty Directing Intelligence.

Since mankind has looked without for proof of all that has existed in the outer manifestation of mankind, then it is time that they begin to realize the Source of it and how they may release a Power unparalleled in previous understanding and action, which goes forth now and takes Its Dominion in the world of mankind, in your industries, in your transportation, in your official activities of America.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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