understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mr. Ballard:

Friends of America, Beloved Minute Men of Saint Germain, as Beloved Saint Germain begins to talk to you today, will you feel and accept His Glorious Radiation; and Friends of America, remember His Currents of Energy go forth to you the same as to the Minute Men in this room. Therefore, if you will with the kindness of your Heart accept that which He offers, you may find a Blessing that will forever remain with you. Saint Germain will now begin to talk to you, and His Instruction should lift you into the consciousness of your Dominion of Life.

Beloved Saint Germain:

Beloved Ones, since mankind has not known that there were Those Whom you have come to know as Ascended Masters, I wish to call to your attention to a few things, in perfecting My Remarks, that will enable you to see how far-reaching the Ascended Masters’ Power is, which the Western world has given so little credit to, up until five years ago.

Recently an article went forth in the newspaper in which Unveiled Mysteries was drawn to the attention of over a million people.

This was not intended on the part of the newspapers, but was used by Us, as the Students have called for Ascended Master Miracles to draw the attention of the people to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and Its Mighty Activity within mankind, so that they may find out that the “Presence of Life”, which has always been beating their Hearts, will find Its full Power of Action when given attention and called into action to produce Its Mighty so-called Miracles of Action – yet, only miraculous because mankind has not understood that Life was the only Power that ever acts in anything or through anyone.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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