understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All mankind know the conditions that are existing today and the need of your America, and especially in all official places where greater Divine Order and Divine Justice should be established. This is no criticism of individuals in those places, but of a condition.

Friends of America, try to feel that in all conditions in America that need to be remedied today, it is more a matter of conditions than it is of individuals’ lack of understanding – sometimes called viciousness – because mankind is laboring under a pressure of human creation which few people can understand.

Even among the Students, so far, they don’t full realize the pressure that causes them to do things or say things at times that would be out of order according to their understanding.

Friends of America who might be listening for the first time today, remember, in all these past centuries, each lifetime the accumulation has gained more pressure by the response of mankind to discordant qualities.

Today you are in a position to reverse all that and have it dissolved and consumed by the Power of the Violet Consuming Flame called into action by the “Mighty I AM Presence.” Then you set yourselves free into a harmonious feeling and action that will enable your Calls to Life to find immediate Answers.

Through that will come the proof of everything that Life holds for you which every human being has throughout the centuries looked outside of himself to find proof of.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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