understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Feel and know your Power of Life that flows through your body and beats your Heart is the Dominion in your Life at your Call; and please feel that there is no person, place, or condition that can interfere with you or limit you.

I know mankind have been so charged with that unhappy belief that persons, places, or conditions could limit them. Well it is not true. It certainly does have an appearance, but it is not true.

Therefore as you say to yourself constantly: “Why, it is ridiculous that there is anything that could limit anything in my acceptance of my ‘Great Presence of Life’, which is the Governing Intelligence of the Universe. It is not true and I refuse acceptance of it” – do that in your feeling, Gentlemen.

Oh, don’t try to do these things with just the intellect, because it is only partially done; but when you follow up your action of the intellect with your feeling, it becomes the Commanding Presence of Life acting through your physical body, and it will repel everything that is limiting you, whether it is persons, places, or conditions.

I say to you that you have seen the Messengers overcome the most seemingly gigantic obstacles of human conditions that were ever poured forth to human beings, and they do not affect Them.

You must see this; therefore it is proof to you, Gentlemen, that what I have given you is true. If They can do it, so can you.

They are the proof to the whole World that They do surmount these obstacles and have released the Energy of life that goes forth to produce these conditions.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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