understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I wish for one ten minutes you could see from Our standpoint the conditions that have taken place and the Answers to the Messengers’ Calls during the past six months – hundreds of instantaneous Answers to Their Calls have come forth for the individuals in the conditions.

Gentlemen – one moment while you are standing – I want you to realize that these conditions of the outer world have no power over you. You must know that definitely.

Remember, when the Messengers were here before in the last Shrine Class, the most diabolical attempt was made, before those black magicians were seized, to spread over mankind the uncontrollable sex desire; and people who had not been touched by it for years found it demanding action. That has largely disappeared, and will disappear more and more as that substance is dissolved and consumed from the Earth.

Now then, the last lash of those – well, there is only one thing to call them, Gentlemen – those fiends who sought the destruction of mankind, the last lash of that was to throw financial fear over the entire people of America.

I say to you, Students of the Light, don’t yield to that appearance! Don’t yield to it. Stand with greater firmness than ever in your Life and say: “I refuse acceptance of that thing! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, You are my Treasure House and You govern all channels in this Universe and in the World.””

Beloved Saint Germain

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