understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to feel that your Application is Invincible. It is, Gentlemen! Don’t yield to any other thought or feeling; and if you have not had the full Answer to your Application you would like, be firmer, be more determined to have it.

Whatever there is in your world of accumulation, with that greater firmness and determination you will beat down that wall and shatter it completely, until the fullness of Life flowing forth through and into your world will find no obstruction, will find no requalification.

That is why in this coming Class, it will be the greatest ever in the experience of the Messengers or yourselves, because enormous preparation from Our standpoint is being made.

We are determined, as the Goddess of Light told those in Long Beach, with your complete cooperation with Us, to free every earnest, sincere Student from every financial limitation that has ever beset him or her! (Applause – audience rising)

Gentlemen, why do I refer to this final activity? Well, I am not materially minded, that is certain; but you know and I know that complete ease cannot come and does not come – it is not that it could not come, but it ordinarily does not come to mankind – without a certain sense of financial freedom.

While you are standing, Gentlemen, don’t mind it for a few minutes, because I want to charge the Currents of Energy through your bodies and your feeling worlds to endeavor to help you to free yourselves from this feeling that any condition in the outer world can limit your. Please do not accept that thing any longer!

I tell you, Gentlemen, it cannot do it. There is no set of circumstances in the world of human creation that can longer limit you, if you will only throw it aside.

Beloved Saint Germain

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