understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, let Me show you why Life is not only ready but is compelled to answer your Call. What is it, Gentlemen and Friends of America, that makes the Call? What is it that enables you to formulate the words that make the Call? Is it not Life? Is it not Intelligence which is in Life that enable you to make the Call? Then after all, the conditions that are acting within Life are Intelligence, Life, Energy. Therefore, if you want more of It, you have to look where the supply is, don’t you?

If you wanted money in the outer world, you would not go to a garage, would you? You would probably go to a bank where it is, or to your deposit boxes; for these days it is quite evident that mankind have ceased to hide money and place it within the Earth where they sometimes forget where to find it.

Today, Life is producing for you, and is the Treasure House of the Universe.

Gentlemen, please listen carefully, and Friends of America – you are looking in the outer world of everywhere to persons, places, and conditions as your supply, when your “Presence of Life” is the only Supplier that there is in this World.

It uses channels – there is no question about that, Gentlemen and Friends of America; but look, when you make the Call to Life, and Life is governing all channels in the physical experience of Life, then the “Great Presence of Life” of every one of you wants you to love each other, wants you to have the supply you require, and wants you to understand how to bring it into action and consciously bring its release.

Now then, if you do not understand the operation of it, well, it would not be surprising if you did not have it; but since We have come into the full Understanding of these Great Laws and have applied Them to Our Freedom, We are in a position, We are the Authority to convey to you that which will enable you to become the same Authority We are.

We came through the same process you are going through today.

Therefore, if you will allow Us to help you and prompt you and give you the operation of the Law by which We attained, then is there any question that you would not produce the same result?

But you have to feel it, Gentlemen and Friends of America; you have to feel the Reality of these Truths. You cannot just go and feel it is a social event, another peculiar activity in which you are temporarily interested.

You are dealing with Life, and I am endeavoring to convey to you Its particular operation today.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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