isis unveiled: chapter IX (as above, so below…)

“Philosophers of quite different schools may be often found to use a multitude of different expressions, some dark and metaphorical – all figurative, and yet treating of the same subject. Like the thousand divergent rays of a globe of fire, every ray leads, nevertheless, to the central point, so every mystic philosopher, whether he be a devotedly pious enthusiast like Henry More; an irascible alchemist, using a Billingsgate phraseology – like his adversary, Eugenius Philalethes; or an atheist (?) like Spinoza, all had one and the same object in view – MAN.

It is Spinoza, however, who furnishes perhaps the truest key to a portion of this unwritten secret. While Moses forbids “graven images” of Him whose name is not to be taken in vain, Spinoza goes farther. He clearly infers that God must not be so much as described.

Human language is totally unfit to give an idea of this “Being” who is altogether unique. Whether it is Spinoza or the Christian theology that is more right in their premises and conclusion, we leave the reader to judge for himself. Every attempt to the contrary leads a nation to anthropomorphize the deity in whom it believes, and the result is that given by Swedenborg.

Instead of stating that God made man after his own image, we ought in truth to say that “man imagines God after his image”, forgetting that he has set up his own reflection for worship.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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