understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you come to understand this, stand with the firmness that is required. If you were to come up to a stone wall or concrete wall and you wanted to make a pathway through that, you would use the proper means at hand to make the opening, wouldn’t you?

Therefore, in Life, mankind are up against a stone wall today, which is the accumulation of their own human creation. You do not realize that, from the invisible standpoint, that accumulation of substance which is yet invisible to you can be just as firm as that stone wall.

That is the position mankind are finding themselves in today. Thousands have said the same, identical words, “Why is it I seem to be up against a stone wall and I know not which way to turn?”

In your Call to the “Presence of Life”, that Light Ray from the “Presence of Life” will go forth before you and melt down that wall, even though it seemed as firm as a wall of stone.

Therefore I say to you, Gentlemen, call forth the Power of the Light Rays and clear the way before you; and whatever that wall of human creation has been, It will dissolve and consume it.

And the pathway, the opening before you will be filled with the Power of Light and with the Perfection of Life, because in those Light Rays are the Perfection of Life and all It holds and contains for you.

Therefore, I say to you, try this out if you will, if you want to be free.

I say to you, Friends of America – for the Students know this – do not ever expect anything in the World to prove anything for you. Life has given you the opportunity throughout the centuries, and mankind today have to prove these things for themselves.

We are teaching you and showing you how to do it. If you are as firm and determined as We were, you will have no difficulty in proving these Great Laws to yourself; and that is the only thing that amounts to anything for you.

I might show you magnificent things that might be of mighty encouragement – on the other hand, it might be of less encouragement because some of the things I might produce for you, might be discouraging from the fact that you might think it was so far beyond your reach; yet it is not.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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